Remote simultaneous interpreting

We are in line with the times and now offers video conferencing, conference call or live streaming solutions for small or large groups.

With the help of these new technologies, it is now possible for you to meet virtually while enjoying the comfort of simultaneous translation with real professional interpreters, from your meeting room at the office, at home, or anywhere in the world.

Simultaneous Interpretation

A multilingual event? Do you want all participants to understand each other?

We provide all the equipment: booths for the interpreters, infrared broadcasting in the room and headphones for your participants. We can even help you find interpreters with the required & native mother tongue.

Sound system

Do you have to address a large audience? Need to be heard by all?

Sound is an essential element in getting your message across. Whatever the size of the audience or the configuration of the venue, we have the solution so that no one loses a single word.

traducteur événement

Video & projection

Do you want to project visual content?

There are a multitude of options for broadcasting videos and/or PowerPoint presentations. We will help you find the optimal solution for broadcasting this content on the medium that suits your needs and your meeting venue.


You require a little touch of colour to brighten up the atmosphere? You want to create a visual identity in line with your house-style colors?

LED technology opens up many new possibilities. The right lighting can turn a successful event into a memorable one. We will help you optimize the impact while respecting your budget.

Video capture

A memory for later?

We capture I mages of your event so that you can broadcast it live on the big screen or record it. We also provide post-production services in selecting the nicest and most inspiring video footage to get a “best of” of your event.

Video conference management
TV studio green key

Capture the attention of your audience or collaborators for a longer period of time.

Pimp your videoconferences and engage your audience with this creative and dynamic feature.

Use the green key to create a tailor-made, smart and visually attractive environment for your moderators and key speakers.

casque interprètes


Are you looking for audio equipment for your guided tour? A small foreign delegation is joining you?

We can help you with a small, portable, easy-to-use headset so that your audience understands everything that is said.

Silent conference and seminar

Do you need to organize different meetings in the same large space? Do you lack different spaces in your event venue?

The solution is a “silent conferencing” system, which allows several working groups to meet in the same room without disturbing each other acoustically.

Each group can speak freely and exchange ideas through a dedicated closed-circuit system of microphones and headsets. The debates of some will not disturb those of others.


Integrated solutions

Would you like to equip your meeting room with a permanent audiovisual infrastructure?

Thanks to our experience in the field of audiovisual equipment rental, we also have the skills required to install it permanently in your premises.

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